Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Since this is the first post, I feel that it is important to explain the purpose of this blog and several of the topics that I plan to have in the upcoming weeks. 

Firstly,  I plan to discuss the various .Net development situations that I have caused me either some time to research or write custom controls to meet the needs of the applications that I have developed.  Topics will range from Ajax, CSS, MySQL, MSSQL, VB.net, RDLC, IIS configuration issues, and features and pratices that have helped to make my code more efficient and easier to debug when the need has arrised.

Some of the up coming articles that I am planning of posting are as follows:
  • Custom Tree View Control with buttons using images for better look and feel.
  • Multiple file upload with drag and drop capabilities using Open Source Java Applets.
  • How to inject custom variables into MySQL queries used in RDLC's and the  Report View control for windows and web.
  • Centralized function for database queries using MS SQL data client and parameterized queries.
  • Usage of System.net.mail to provide better emails with embedded images for HTML and Plain Text views
  • Explination of my preference for usage of DataSets over DataReaders
Of course since I will provide my code as a resource for other developers that are facing the same obsticles as I have, but I request that any comments posted please be respectful and I will response to anyone that needs clarification.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that it will continue to provide resources to you that will be of help and increase your knowledge along the way.

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