Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glimpse from NuGet

Some of you by already know the wonders of Glimpse for and the newer released Glimpse for MVC.  If you are not familar with this product I recommend that you check out the products website for more details.  (

I have recently been exposed to the wonders of Glimpse for MVC which the route detections, strongly typed entity inspections client side, and other various tools is hugely helpful in diagnosing what is happening within the views which you typcially do not have a lot of inspection options related to entities.

But I will give you a tip about this product and beware of a few issues.

I am a big fan of Lazy Loading for Entity Framework 4 really enjoy the simplistic nature of the syntax that allows for faster development with greater emphases on business logic versus lines of code.  So the biggest issue I have ran into is when children entities of children entities are lazy loaded and you have glimpse turned on for the site, a referenced entity has been disposed run time error will be generated.  Simply turn off Glimpse and issue will disappear. 

Given that Glimpse is currently in beta, I look forward to the polished product that will take these issues into account.  But for being in Beta, it is truely a great utility even with the few bugs that are in the product.

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